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Make BP Pay!!

On July 17th at 3pm in Pack Square Students for Democratic Society is calling for a rally to demand that BP Pay for the numerous ramifications the Deepwater Horizon Oil Gusher has caused, and is continuing to cause as it has yet to be contained now 3 months later. The April 20th explosion killed 11 workers and injured 17. The livelihoods of fishermen and businesses along the already devastated gulf coast have been ruined and will have long lasting economic consequences. The environmental devastation to the unique marshlands and island ecosystems is of catastrophic proportions. Dolphins and seaturtles are washing up dead; pelicans and herons are dying a slow, sad death covered in oil from hypothermia and from drowning. All of this while BP is spending millions of dollars on coverup efforts and ad campaigns, preventing photographers and journalists access to the harsh reality of what is really happening.

BP ignored crucial safety issues, cut corners, and spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress to fight regulations that lead to this tragedy in the first place, especially during the Bush and Cheney deregulation years. Over 20 thousand claims have already been filed while only a fraction of those have been paid. BP needs to be held accountable and we are demanding full reparations to the coast!

Seize BP’s Assets!
Full Reparations to the Gulf Coast!
No New Offshore Drilling, Green Jobs Now!


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